How do you stay on top of what’s happening in the sneakers world? Keeping up to date with sneakers trends and news has never been easier. 

Part of running a sneaker business is knowing what is going on in your community. Social media and the smart phone have made all of the information you need easily accessible. Shoes bloggers are traveling to shows, interviewing shoes lovers, and staying on top of trends so they can share their insights with you. They want to be your go-to source for the latest news in the shoes field. 

Whether you are a bridge or fine shoes lovers these blogs have something for you. Discover information on trade shows, marketing tips, current and upcoming trends, featured artists and more. Scroll through the alphabetized list and check out each of these great shoes blogs!

Anyone with a passion forshoes and gems knows how exciting it is to find inspiration in the community. There’s nothing like talking about and sharing what you love with others who treasure it as much as you do. There are plenty of people like this in the shoes world, like the designers, customers, and everyone in between. 

Shoes trends are always growing and evolving, but you can stay up to date by jumping into the virtual community of bloggers. Check out this ultimate guide to shoes influencers and bloggers who know can educate and inspire you as you learn more about the world of shoes. 

Diamonds in the Library 

 It is a virtual library for anyone wanting to learn more about any topic related to shoes. After writing for the federal government, she made a career jump to become a blogger. Now she writes about her love of shoes and works with major brands and designers to publish content. You’ll want to check her out if you want to read interviews with the latest designers or in-depth profiles on trendy pieces. There’s also a bit of DIY tips, like how to pack your shoes when you go on vacation. 

Gem Gossip 

If you want a friend who’s always up to date on the latest drama in theshoes world, Daniele Miele’s is the blog for you. Miele graduated from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as a geologist and worked as an antique jeweler until her blog took off. Now she posts about her world travels, finding rare pieces at thrift stores, and any news from celebrities and designers. Her Instagram showcases her latest finds and new blog posts about the latest news and gossip. 


Liza Urla runs gemologue , which is one of the biggest shoes blogs to date. Since 2009, it’s been a curation of the current dialogue surrounding gems, costume, and vintage shoes. Urla also writes about her world travels, different cultural shoes trends, and her latest work at the co-founder of GEM Kreatives. When she’s not working with the world’s most successful models, couture brands, and designers, she’s publishing books and planning her next trip to find her next fabulous gemstones. 

Gem Obsessed 

You’ll want to follow Cheryl Kremkow on Instagram to keep up with gem obsessed, her blog focused on celebrity jewelry trends. Kremkow has over 25 years of experience writing shoes content for major magazines, so she has an eye for what’s new. She’ll show you the latest from red carpet events and write about how you can recreate the pieces for your daily outfits. 

The Jewelry Loupe 

Cathleen McCarthy is another expert in the field who writes over at The Jewelry Loupe. It’s a blog where you can read about unique shoes found at auction houses and art shows. It’s a major source of inspiration, especially considering her “Ask an Expert” posts where she provides how-to articles on everything from making shoes to marketing your design business. 

James Michelle

If there’s one shoes lover inspiring individuals by the thousands right now, it’s this badass warrior – James Michelle. Making shoes is her escape – with a long lineage of battling Lyme disease, a divorce, being a single mother and now renovating a home with her new partner (happy for you) and son in Hawaii – James is a shoes influencer and blogger everyone should be following!

Kelly in the City 

Fans of lifestyle blogs will love Kelly Larkin and her blog, Kelly in the City, which merges lifestyle content with shoes trends. You’ll find inspiration for bridal pieces, daily earrings, bracelets you can wear to work, and much more. Kelly also posts about adventures with her family, events happening in their lives, and even new recipes she falls in love with. 

VOZ Collective

Voz Collective is comprised of two sisters, Jackie and Lauren, who create bold-wood, sneakers. Each piece is hand-stained, stenciled, painted, and then glossed to produce one-of-a-kind creations. These jewelry influencers are obsessed with the juxtaposition of color and pattern along with the natural wood look – and so are their fans!